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Transient Analysis

We can perform a wide array of time-domain Electromagnetic Transient studies including but not limited to the following:

Capacitor Switching Studies

We can perform studies to estimate system voltage transients and evaluate capabilities of cap bank switches to handle switching induced transients. We can identify the need and size the series reactors for inrush/outrush mitigation and evaluate other transient mitigation solutions including pre-insertion switching and synchronous closing. We can evaluate proper size and location of surge arresters if there is a potential of restrikes during bank opening operation.


Insulation Coordination Studies

We can perform comprehensive insulation coordination studies for HV/EHV substations that takes into account both lightning and switching analysis. It involves coordinating insulation levels and protective devices to minimize damages/outages resulting from any overvoltage. We can determine insulation performance of existing substations and evaluate improvement solutions such as improving tower footing resistance, better shielding and strategic placement of surge arresters.

Transformer Energization Studies

Depending on transformer size relative to source strength, energization of power transformers can cause severe system impacts due to the large magnitude inrush that can last for several seconds. We can evaluate potential adverse system impacts including excessive system voltage drop, temporary system unbalance causing protection mis-operation etc. We can evaluate mitigations solutions including pre-insertion switching and Point- of-Wave (POW) switching. 

Transient Recovery Voltage (TRV) Studies

We can perform studies to ensure selected circuit breakers have sufficient rated capability to handle severe transient recovery voltages that they can experience during fault interruption.  It is recommended to especially evaluate potentially severe TRV duty applications such as transformer, series reactor (lines and cap banks) and generator applications.  


Power Quality Studies

We can perform a wide array of Power Quality studies including:  

Harmonic Studies

We can perform harmonic evaluation for compliance against industry standards such as IEEE 519. In case of excessive harmonic distortions, we can evaluate mitigation solutions including conversion of cap banks into filter banks. We can perform such assessment for utilities and harmonic injection facilities such as inverter based generation (wind, solar) and the industrial customers.   

Flicker Studies

We can perform flicker (lamp flicker and RVC, rapid voltage changes) evaluation for compliance against industry standards such as IEEE 1453. We can perform such an assessment for a variety of sources such as electric arc furnaces, electric cranes, large motors and other variable load/generation facilities.   



Services We Provide

  • Protective relaying
  • Wide area coordination studies
  • Transient analysis and studies
  • Power quality analysis
  • Electrical generation expert consultation
  • Expert witness