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Electrical Generation Services

Jon Gardell technically leads the PPE engineering team providing electrical generation services to PPE’s Clients.  Along with other PPE staff members’ contribution, a broad spectrum of these specialized services is offered.


The following Services can be provided for Electrical Generating Facilities and Industrial Facilities:  

a.      Review of Electrical Operational and Design Guidelines Providing Comment.

b.     Review of Existing Facility Electrical Systems and Equipment to Determine Recommendations to Bring It to Current Best Practices based on Industry Standards and Guidelines as well as meet the Property Insurer’s definition of a Highly Protected Facility.

c.      Electrical Loss Prevention Inspection Providing Recommendations.

d.     Electrical Failure Investigation and Root Cause Analysis.

e.      On-Site Electrical Equipment and Systems Inspection. 

f.      Review of Electrical Testing and Maintenance Programs Providing Comment.

g.     Applying Industry Electrical Guides and Standards to Projects, Equipment, and Systems.

h.     Third Party Advisor on New, Refurbished, and Upgraded Electrical Plant Projects.

i.       Specification Writing or Review Providing Comment for Electrical Power Equipment.

j.        Investigate Existing Equipment Application and Concerns Providing Comment.

k.     Witness of New and Repaired Electrical Equipment Testing.

l.       Provide ongoing support in the area of generating plants in general as well as plant/equipment protection and control for Key Generation Companies to meet the requirements of NERC Reliability Standards and Compliance.

m.   Participate/ Represent Clients on Event Analysis Technical Teams as significant electric grid events occur in North America to develop reports to NERC, FERC and the Industry to understand the events, causes, and to capture lessons learned.

n.      Generator and Motor Protection Upgrade Projects including scoping, design work, and settings requirements.

Examples of Training Seminars PPE can provide on Electrical Equipment and Systems Applied in Power Plants and Industrial Facilities:

a. Electric Generator and Motor Application, Protection, Maintenance, Testing, and Operation.

b. Auxiliary Systems and Equipment Application, Protection, Maintenance, Testing, and Operation.

c. Adjustable Speed Drives for Motors Application and Protection.

d. Induction and Synchronous Motor Application.  

These seminars can be customized to specifically address Clients electrical systems and equipment applied in their facility.   

PPE can provide Expert Witness Consulting/Testimony to Clients and their Counsel regarding Electrical Power Generation Equipment and Systems. The Client and their Attorneys are provided with technical support, advice, opinion, and if necessary testimony regarding industrial/power plant facilities’ on electrical systems design, operation, testing, and electrical protection.   Areas that can be reviewed for the client are documents detailing the event under investigation, site meetings with client’s staff and legal counsel, review of subpoena technical documents as appropriate, review and comment on deposition transcripts of individuals involved and provide expert testimony on the pertinent subject matter in court as required.

Experience and Industry Groups Participation

Jon Gardell has over 35 years of experience and progressive responsibility in utility and industrial power systems. He is an industry recognized technical expert in plant equipment and system application. During his career, he has worked on numerous associated IEEE Standards projects for the power system industry. He was a North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) power plant subject matter consultant and also worked on NERC Event Analysis. Jon provided support and consultation to key utilities to help them meet their NERC Reliability Standards Requirements and be compliant. He has provided many utility and industrial customers with assistance in their plant power systems, equipment, and electrical protection. He is widely recognized for his experience with protection and application of electric rotating machinery. He has provided expert testimony to clients and their legal teams in electrical generation matters.

Industry Group Experience


Power System Relaying Committee

      Rotating Machinery Protection Subcommittee

Electric Generation Committee

Energy Development and Generation Committee

      Excitation Subcommittee


CIGRE Study Committee Member (US Representative) addressing Generator and Power Plant Protection Topics


      Turbine Generator Users Group presentations


      System Protection and Control Subcommittee

      Event Analysis Teams



Some Examples of Client Projects 

Water Cooled Generator Stator water leak repair on-site

Totally Enclosed Water to Air Cooled (TEWAC) Motor Conversion

Electrical Testing of Large Steam Turbine Generators

Large Generator Bushing Current Transformer Failure Investigation

Large Motor Transient Overvoltage Failure Investigation

Facility Electrical Loss Prevention Assessment to Provide Recommendations to Bring Facility Up to Highly Protected Status Using Industry Best Practices

Expert Witness for Large Industrial Facility and Co-Generation Electrical Protection Misoperation

NERC Reliability Standards Compliance Assessment for Power Generating Facilities

A Generation Companywide Motor Protection Standard was developed for all Power Plant Facilities.  Motor Protection Training was provided to Plant Technicians.

Adjustable Speed Drives for Motors Application Training was presented to a Large Mining Facilities Staff


Services We Provide

  • Protective relaying
  • Wide area coordination studies
  • Transient analysis and studies
  • Power quality analysis
  • Electrical generation expert consultation
  • Expert witness