Patterson Power Engineers, LLC      


Our primary focus is setting calculations for protective relays for generator and power system protection as well as the analysis of the operation of these systems.  We are among the best in our profession.

Relay Setting Calculations
We develop relay settings for all types of protective relays in protection of all types of power system equipment from nuclear generator protection down to distribution reclosers.  We will adhere to your company policies on application of protection or in their absence we apply methodologies that meet or exceed recognized industry standards and practices.  We also provide review of existing settings for adherance to NERC PRC reliability standards (e.g. PRC-019, PRC-024, PRC-025 etc.).

Wide Area Coordination Studies
Lessons learned from the Northeast Blackout of 2003 have underscored the importance of proper application, setting, and coordination of power sytem protection.  With the advent of computing platforms like CAPE we are able to simulate protective relays and systems in great detail to analyze, prove, and improve the application of protective relays.  Performing analysis that could never have been done before by hand but are easily facilitated by todays computers.

Fault Analysis
Our team has some of the best analysis engineers in the business.  Detailed analysis frequently finds gaps or deficiencies in protective relay applications even if operations appeared "normal".  This allows generator and/or transmission system owners to prove the adequacy of their protection systems as well as to improve them when possible.

Transient Analysis
We can perform transient studies for the application of breakers (transient recovery voltage) with adherance to IEC and IEEE standards and per manufacturer specificatons including mitigation when breaker capabilities are exceeded.  We can perform studies for capacitor bank installations including sizing reactors for outrush and back-to-back switching.  We have also performed ferorresonance studies along with mitigation.

With the loss of protection engineer expertise being experienced almost universally across the utility sector a critical task for utilities is the proper training of new protective relay engineers.  We pride ourselves on our ability to mentor and train these engineers to help begin filling the gap that exists in what is essentially a very vertical profession requiring years of practical experience to excel.  Transfer of our practical experience and knowledge is our goal and one of our most satisfying jobs.

Load Flow and Voltage Studies
Power Quality Analysis


Services We Provide

  • Protective relaying
  • Wide area coordination studies
  • Fault analysis
  • Transient Analysis
  •  Power Quality analysis
  • Expert witness