Patterson Power Engineers, LLC      
Power System Protection
& Analysis

PPE engineers are experts in power system protection from generation through transmission and distribution. Our years
of utility system protection experience, teaching, and IEEE PSRC participation give us the experience base from which to help our customers with practical solutions. We can help your organization with relay setting calculations, protection & control design, as well as training and system studies. We can help evaluate your existing protection to satisfy NERC requirements and meet or exceed industry standards.

Power system protection and analysis at all levels of generation, transmission, and distribution.
We can analyze system events to provide details of operations leading to improvements in protection and coordination and finding incipient problems with equipment - all leading to an improvement in system reliability. We are often called upon to provide independent, expert 3rd party engineering review of protection systems or root cause analysis of misoperations.  With the possibility of substantial penalties for non-compliance in today's environment consideration should be given to using only the most experienced protection engineers to help with your NERC PRC compliance.

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Power System Studies

Our primary work loading is protection and analysis but we perform other system studies as well including load flow, voltage studies as well as transient analysis such as TRV studies for breaker applications and equipment specification studies, TOV studies for arrester sizing, GMD for NERC compliance, etc. Tools include EMTP-RV, CAPE, ATP, ASPEN, PSS/E, and Power World among others.